Monday, August 06, 2007

Minister Charged With Indecent Exposure

From the AP via WTOP-FM courtesy of
This Modern World:

The minister of a Baptist church has been charged with indecent exposure and driving under the influence, and police officers say he propositioned them.

Tommy Tester, 58, of Bristol, Va., was wearing a skirt when he was arrested last week after allegedly urinating in front of children at a car wash, police said.

Police also said Tester offered to perform oral sex on officers who were sent to the scene.

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Well, this guy is no Ted Haggard or David Vitter, but nonetheless a Christian leader in his own right. What is it with these people? And why are all these isolated incidents starting to coalesce into an ominous pattern? As usual, it's not really the sexual perversion that bothers me so much, although drunkenly peeing in front of kids is not something of which I approve, but rather the hypocrisy. It is becoming increasingly apparent that many of these neo-puritan types simply don't believe their own anti-sex rhetoric.

Why, then, must they devote their lives and careers to furthering a clearly dangerous and hateful agenda with which they do not agree? Maybe that's a question for a psychologist to answer, but I bet that power, money, and prestige play a role somehow. And that's far more sick and twisted than offering blowjobs to the cops who want to arrest you.

Baptist minister and
pervert Tommy Tester