Wednesday, March 26, 2014

After the Midterms: Impeachment?

From the American Prospect:

On the right, impeachment has become the wildfire crucible, and the purest purity test yet for those sanctified few who have managed to pass the others; that Obama hasn’t actually done anything to warrant impeachment, or at least anything as egregious as misleading a public into war, couldn’t be more beside the point. He’s Obama; his very existence calls for nullification; the historic fact of his presidency is a transgression against the national image of those Americans who more and more come to the conclusion that things started going very wrong in this country sometime around 1861.

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If it's for drone assassinations, illegal surveillance of US citizens, and/or refusal to charge Bush and Cheney with crimes against humanity, I would TOTALLY support impeaching Obama--of course, I would also want this coupled with, you know, charging Bush and Cheney with crimes against humanity.  But, needless to say, there's no way in hell they would impeach Obama for any of that; after all, the entire establishment is just fine with assassinations, across-the-board violations of civil rights, and pretending we don't have blood stains all over our collective hands.  Instead, it would be Benghazi, or the IRS "scandal," or immigration, or "not being Constitutional," or being "born in Kenya" rather than in the USA, whatever pisses off the Tea Party base the most.  Of course, it would all be doomed to failure because there's no way Republicans will get enough votes in the Senate to convict.

So it would just be yet another nationally embarrassing circus-of-distraction perpetrated by Republicans for reasons only they fully comprehend.  As if the pointless Clinton impeachment didn't make us look bad enough, at least there was a blowjob for everybody to freak out on: impeaching Obama, with the media and Washington taking it all seriously, would make us appear to the world as total drooling inbred rednecks.  Rednecks with more guns than the rest of the world put together.  Actually, that's kind of what we are, anyway.  

I suppose impeaching Obama wouldn't make much of a difference one way or the other.  Go for it, morons.