Monday, October 20, 2003



"Yes, son."

"I want to kill you."

The Doors

What on Earth could possibly compel George H. W. Bush to defile the ultra-conservative campus of Texas A & M University by presenting there the 2003 George Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service to ultra-liberal icon and George W. Bush hater, Senator Edward Kennedy?

From the Boston Globe:

More curious, and in many ways depressing, is the fact that this President Bush has embarked upon a policy designed to counter, or even to wipe out, his father's entire political legacy.

The father lived his life in the service of moderate and intelligent internationalism. His manners were always meticulously courteous, as he wooed even critics overseas to see the American position. He was even-handed in the Middle East and thus brought the area to the verge of peace for the first time in history; he was capable of using force but preferred to do it supported by coalitions of friendly states, thus cementing international cooperation.

The son seems to have made posturing against his father's accomplishments and beliefs his life's work.

Me and my dad just kind of yelled at each other here and there over the years until we finally had a major heart to heart a while back. I guess the rich and powerful do things differently.

Click here for more on the Bush family rift.

Thanks to J. Orlin Grabbe for the link.