Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Limbaugh lawyer: Radio host
blackmailed by ex-housekeeper

From CNN via Eschaton:

During a hearing over whether prosecutors should have access to Limbaugh's medical records, attorney Roy Black said Limbaugh paid "extreme amounts of money" to Wilma Cline, his former housekeeper, and her husband, first for pills and then for extortion. Black alleged that the Clines had threatened to go public with information about Limbaugh's drug use unless they received $4 million.

Black said Limbaugh wanted to contact the FBI, but was told by an unidentified friend that if he went to the authorities, they would target him, and his political enemies would use the information against him.

Man, that's as good as, no wait, better than O. J. Simpson's lame search for the "real killer." Hahaha! Rush "wanted to contact the FBI," but was afraid that "they would target him." You can't write jokes as funny as that. God, I love it!

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