Thursday, March 15, 2007

FOX NEWS, Crazy Right Wing Propaganda

From NO QUARTER courtesy of This Modern World:

If you had any lingering doubt about the propaganda and disinformation that spews forth regularly from the demon child fathered by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, just take a look. These are not isolated, out of context, screen shots. These are reflective of a mindset and standard of practice that is truly evil.

As a former Fox News analyst I have some first hand experience of dealing with the beast and have the satisfcation of knowing that Rupert Murdoch had me removed from Fox air for daring to suggest that invading Iraq would be a diversion in the war on terrorism.

Click here for the some really funny, but completely true, screen-captures from FOX.

NO QUARTER wants everybody to know that these pics were originally compiled by Welcome to Pottersville, and I think it's only right to pass on the credit. Besides, Pottersville continues to find more screen shots along these lines; go check 'em out. But you may be wondering what I'm talking about, so here are a few samples to whet your appetite:

So, it's not that FOX has a right-wing slant: it's that FOX is a straight-up right-wing propaganda apparatus. Any "liberals" who appear there serve only as straw men for conservative shadow boxing. Why anybody would ever, ever, ever consider FOX to be some kind of actual news organization is simply beyond me, but millions of Americans do believe their "fair and balanced" bullshit, which means that, despite the recent Dem takover of Congress, we're still, as a nation, in deep doo-doo.