Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Utah Law Targets Gay-Straight Alliances

From the Daily Kos:

Now Utah has introduced a new majestic equality into the law: It has forbidden mathletes and gay-straight alliances alike to discuss "human sexuality."

The law defines that term to mean "advocating or engaging in sexual activity outside of legal recognized marriage or forbidden by state law," and "presenting or discussing information relating to the use of contraceptive devices." - New York Times
Federal law requires that all extracurricular school groups be treated equally:
In a paradoxical twist missed by almost nobody in the clubs debate, the federal equal access law was co-sponsored by United States Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, to make sure that religious and Bible study groups were not discriminated against by secular-minded principals.

The same protections mean that gay-straight alliances cannot be singled out, legal experts say, which is why the rules in the new schools law must be applied across the board to all clubs, no matter what they do or who joins them.
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Not that the math club was going to be talking about condoms and hot gay sex, but this really is yet another absurdist low to which the fundamentalists are willing to stoop in order to bash gays. It's also pretty absurd that "human sexuality" means sex outside of marriage and birth control. But what else can we expect from Utah? I mean, this makes my Southern Baptist dominated home state Texas look like San Francisco. All this does is make me think of last week's episode of South Park (part one here, part two here): Butters goes to one of those gay cure camps where suicide is beyond rampant. When all is said and done in Utah, that's what they're trying to do, kill off gay kids.

You bastards!

Okay, I really mean that.