Friday, March 23, 2007

Take this McJob, and...

From the Nation:

The Financial Times reports that McDonald's has launched a campaign to remove the word from the esteemed O.E.D. Now, the O.E.D. is obviously not out to slam McDonald's; its experts closely follow trends in the English language. A word gets into the O.E.D. because it is in widespread use. McDonald's could ask itself why it has become synonymous with dead-end, crappy employment, and seek to make life better for its workers. Instead, the company has launched a petition drive to persuade the O.E.D. to drop the term.

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Author Douglas Coupland's greatest contribution to pop culture is the word "McJob." It describes to a T the kind of shitty work that most Americans are being incrementally pushed into, and Coupland was utterly visionary when he coined the term in his early 90s novel Generation X. It was a stroke of brilliance coming up with the it--I mean, before that point, everybody knew what a McJob was, but no one could describe it so poignantly in a single solid word.

It's downright Orwellian, as well as completely true to form, that McDonald's is trying to erase the term from the English language.