Friday, March 30, 2007

U2's Bono awarded British knighthood

From the AP via Yahoo courtesy of AlterNet:

Bono, 46, was named a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in an informal, laugh-filled ceremony in the Dublin home of British Ambassador David Reddaway.

"You have permission to call me anything you want — except sir, all right? Lord of lords, your demigodness, that'll do," he told reporters afterward.

Because he is an Irish citizen, Bono won't have the title of "sir" before his name. That honor is reserved for citizens of the United Kingdom or British Commonwealth countries. Ireland left the Commonwealth when it became a republic in 1949.

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Well, I suppose it's about time that Brit rockers from when I was in high school and college start getting such honors. I mean, McCartney and Jagger were knighted years ago. When did Geldof get it? And Bono really does deserve the recognition. I don't really think that his activism has done much to dramatically change the way the world works, but his pact with American Nazi Jesse Helms to reduce third world debt is worth at least some kind of noble status.

Who's next? Robert Smith? Morrissey? Peter Murphy? Elvis Costello? That guy from the Eurythmics? Make 'em all knights, I say!

(AP Photo/Julien Behal/PA)