Friday, April 27, 2007


So I've mentioned quite a few times over the last few years how the seemingly endless stream of utterly absurd conservative bullshit, taken so seriously by the corporate news media and political elite, has essentially served to destroy the concept of irony. Amazingly, one of the main irony destroyers, pundit-idiot and enormous butthole Bill O'Reilly, recently decided it was time to bring it back in a big way.

From Crooks and Liars:

George Soros rules the world! Bill O’Reilly loses it…

It's all Soros all the time for O'Reilly. Didn't Soros push Bush to invade Iraq? Wasn't it Soros that funded Gitmo? And I believe Soros coached Alberto Gonzales before he testified last week…George wants to buy AMERICA! Poor Joe Lieberman...

He doubled up on his production values by adding a nifty little chart…John Edwards is under his spell too…Move On, CAP, Media Matters, The NY Times, Jonathan Alter and NBC news...There's too many...I'm getting dizzy...

Click here for the video.

This is some truly amazing footage. O'Reilly's really gone into UFO and Bigfoot territory on this one. According to him, the recent surge in liberal activism and power has nothing to do with how shitty the GOP has ruled the country for the last six years and everything to do with the strange underground control of one eccentric and liberal billionaire. What's particularly amazing is that the old butthole doesn't seem to understand that the kind of coordination and control he's talking about is impossible with liberals, who'll argue with each other about almost anything.

I mean, O'Reilly, who'll argue with a stump, ought to get at least that.

Liberalism according to O'Reilly

Welcome back irony!