Friday, April 20, 2007


A video production company called Artworx here in Baton Rouge puts together, for reasons of their own, promotional video montages of local performing arts events which air on the local cable access channel. After being in this town for nearly three years, I finally made the cut. The piece they did on the show I'm currently doing, Cocktail, was posted on Youtube today, so I'm submitting it for your perusal here at Real Art. I got a nice little moment, but you'd better keep your eyes peeled or you'll miss it--it's quick.

Ah, heck, here's a screen capture:

I'm the guy on the right. The guy standing next to me is Yohance, an extraordinarily talented first year MFA acting student here at LSU.

Here's the video:

The footage of the play is intercut with interview segments with the director, New York's avant-garde theater artist Ping Chong, so it's pretty interesting as well as cool. Enjoy.