Friday, May 18, 2007


From CNN courtesy of AlterNet:

Dobson, 71, is the founder and chairman of Colorado-based Focus on the Family, but said he was writing as "a private citizen and not on behalf of any organization or party."

He endorsed President Bush in 2004, the first time he endorsed a presidential candidate.

Dobson's organization says his daily radio program is heard by as many as 220 million listeners over 3,500 stations in the United States. He's also seen on 80 television stations, and 10 Focus on the Family magazines have 2.3 million subscribers, the group says.

Dobson attacked Giuliani for publicly saying he hates abortion but supports a woman's right to have one. Giuliani had been criticized for being ambiguous on his abortion views, but firmly stated last week that he supports abortion rights.

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James Dobson is as big of a psychopath as Jerry Falwell was. This possible flirtation with pulling out of politics is extraordinarily good news. The Republican marriage with fundamentalist Christians has been politically powerful, but always unstable. The true GOP power brokers never really took the religious right seriously, throwing them a bone every now and then, but never really willing to descend into the theocratic lunacy that leaders like Falwell wanted. Now that Republicans, as a party, are running scared, fundamentalist lunatics are something of a liability, and smart guys like Giuliani know it.

I really hope he gets the nomination. It could drive the religious nuts out of politics completely for years to come.