Sunday, June 24, 2007

Means "Who Polices the Police?"


From the Houston Chronicle:

HPD officer accused of sexual assault is taken off duty

Dargin, a 24-year veteran, has been suspended with pay since the May 17 incident. That's when a 25-year-old woman alleged the officer pulled her over about 2:30 a.m. in the 900 block of Laurel Springs Lane and sexually assaulted her, said Harris County Assistant District Attorney Joe Owmby.

Owmby said Dargin, who is assigned to the Kingwood Patrol Division, was on duty and dressed in uniform at the time.

In addition to the woman identifying the officer as her attacker, DNA evidence also links Dargin to the alleged assault, court documents show.

More here.

So, as longtime readers of Real Art know, I grew up in Kingwood. As far as I can tell the alleged crime actually took place in the neighboring subdivision called Forest Cove, a slightly older bedroom community, but pretty much like Kingwood in terms of culture and demographics. That is, both Kingwood and Forest Cove, which have been part of the City of Houston since 1996, are hardcore white well-to-do suburbs, bigtime Republican territory. There is still animosity about the annexation, and nobody but nobody gets pissed off at the police like Republicans do, as rare as such an occurrence might be.

I'd say this cop picked the wrong town to have his way; Dargin's going to get fucked hard. And I daresay he deserves it.

You know in some ways this story reminds me of all the rumors I heard growing up about how the Harris County Constables, who Kingwood had contracted with for security before Houston moved in, would constantly proposition cute teen girls they had pulled over for speeding or whatnot. I'm pretty sure these were just rumors, though. Like I said, the self-righteous Republicans of Kingwood would have never allowed their hot white daughters to be groped by the working class likes of a Harris County Constable without swift and harsh retaliation.