Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pardoning Perjurer Scooter Libby

From Hullabaloo courtesy of Eschaton:

Can someone tell me what hold Scooter Libby has on everyone in Washington that he can even get Barack Obama's general counsel to go to bat for him? Pictures? Videos? What?


A Libby pardon means that Bush will finally be paying the price for his administration's Iraq war because he will have to take the heat. Right. My question is, from whom? Atrios? Jane Hamsher? Because I don't see that anybody in the press will say much, and there certainly will not be an uproar. They are, after all, implicated in this case and have every reason to portray the pardon as the reversal of a miscarriage of justice, which is exactly how it is being sold. And now that major Democrats seem to be actively supporting the pardon in some byzantine plan to make Bush "look bad" (as if he cares) it would seem that "accountability" means never having to say you're sorry.

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Never mind how fucking stupid such an argument is--I think that's pretty obvious at face value. What this cockeyed scheme represents to me is a textbook example of the head-up-your-ass "consulting" that's got the Democrats so screwed up today. The same people who want a pardon in order to make Bush "look bad" strike me as the same people who've been telling Democrats to move to the right in order to appeal to the "center," who back corporate "free trade," who've gone a long way towards turning the so-called liberal party into Republican Lite.

What the fuck kind of consultants tell you to shoot yourself in the head?