Thursday, July 19, 2007

The D.C. Madam's Public Service


Vitter's exposure comes hard on the heels of a recent scandal engulfing Rev. Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, one of America's oldest and most respected Christian Right groups. Haggard, also an outspoken opponent of abortion and gay marriage, resigned his presidency and ministry and entered long-term rehabilitation amid allegations that he had purchased drugs and the services of a male prostitute.

Vitter-style hypocrisy, however, extends deeply into the history of America's modern Right. Charles Lindbergh, the spokesman for America First in the 1940s secretly fathered a second family in Germany, unknown to his American wife and six children. Strom Thurmond, who campaigned for president in 1948 to preserve "the racial integrity and purity of the White race," concealed a mixed-race daughter for 75 years. Oil magnate H. L. Hunt, who spent millions to propagate Christian conservatism in the 1950s, was a gambler and multiple bigamist.

Terry Dolan, founder in the 1970s of the National Conservative Political Action Committee, which joined the anti-gay fund-raising frenzy with a letter warning "our nation's moral fiber is being weakened by the growing homosexual movement," was a closeted homosexual. Here in Maryland, conservative Representative Robert Bauman was arrested in 1980 for soliciting sex from a 16 year-old boy.

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I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I think I know why the loudest of anti-sex moralists often turn out to be exactly what they preach against. The puritanical moralist has an authority driven understanding of reality. That is, essential knowledge for these people usually comes from some sort of authority, God typically, or some sort of charismatic leader often speaking on behalf of God, rather than from deep thought and ongoing reflection. This allows the absolute certainty that chronic philosophizing does not. Unfortunately, authority is often wrong; absolute certainty has no way of dealing with this. So what do you do when you are certain that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is immoral, but your heart says differently? You preach all the more loudly, trying to convince yourself, as well as others, even while you pursue your heart's desires, hoping that it all works out somehow. In short, the most intense and proselytizing of neo-puritans is really talking to himself. He hates himself because he is tied into a system of knowledge which is at odds with reality and his own true nature.

Nothing good can come from such a situation. Really, all these backwardass rednecks need is to get laid. Often, with lots of people, and without guilt. Like the hippies used to say "make love, not war." Pretty good advice, if you ask me.