Thursday, July 05, 2007


From Jim Hightower's website:

A watchdog group called the Sunshine Project reports that the Air Force sought several million dollars as recently as 2002 to develop a hormone bomb to release "strong aphrodisiacs" on enemy combatants, causing "homosexual behavior." Apparently, these creative thinkers reasoned that if our military could turn the enemy gay – even for a little while – the enemy would stop shooting and start kissing, because... well, you know how gays are. Don't you?

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So Hightower only uses this tease about the gay bomb as a lead-in to criticize the military's anti-gay policies, but the intro totally blew me away. I mean, what the fuck?!? I'm speechless. Well, not totally speechless. For starters, this is a really stupid idea. I don't think it's even possible to chemically alter sexual orientation, and the fact that Air Force brass took this seriously enough to actually spend money on research is extremely disturbing--it means that the civilian psychos in the Pentagon may not be as insane as the guys who wear uniforms, very bad news, indeed.

Furthermore, the notion that "strong aphrodisiacs" could arouse straight men so much that they'll go gay strongly suggests that these Air Force officers might have some bisexual tendencies themselves. I mean, you're either into same-sex activity or not, right? But these guys seem to see it as an option, under admittedly extreme and hypothetical circumstances, for all men. I've heard that fundamentalist Christians had heavily infiltrated the armed forces, and this kind of thinking about sexual orientation comes right out of the fundy play book: are these dimwitted Air Force officers themselves fundamentalist, publicly hating homosexuals but secretly lusting after hot gay man-meat?

I should probably worry more about the state of our nation, but I'm already too worried as it is.