Tuesday, August 07, 2007

State GOP forms loyalty committee

What is the matter with Kansas?

From the AP via the Wichita Eagle courtesy of

"The motive behind this is, 'Let's make sure Republicans are supporting Republicans,' " said Christian Morgan, the state GOP's executive director. "If you want to hold a party post, you should at least be supporting Republican candidates."

The state committee's actions struck a sour note for some Republicans, particularly moderates on issues such as abortion. Bob Beatty, a Washburn University political scientist, suggested the loyalty committee could prove a "public relations disaster."

"Ironically, it smacks most of the Communist Party," Beatty said Monday. "That's the kind of public irony that most parties try to avoid -- the party of freedom telling people they have no freedom."

Kobach and his allies contend they're attempting to strengthen the party's state organization and the loyalty committee is a way to promote unity.

While the GOP enjoys a significant advantage in the number of registered voters in Kansas, dissension has allowed Democrats to peel away disaffected moderates. Sebelius and Morrison are perhaps the best examples.

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"The party of freedom."

Oh, that's fucking hysterical! Only in the twisted, fun house mirror of GOP logic is the Republican Party "the party of freedom." Really, this Kansas Republican loyalty committee is probably one of the most honest moves the party's made in years and years. That is, since the Republicans took Congress back in '94, dissension in the ranks has not been tolerated. After 9/11, they made some serious attempts to bring Democrats and liberals under the boot, as well, achieving short term success, which resonates a bit even today, diluted only by conservative incompetence and adherence to ideology and philosophy that do not work in the real world.

Sure, words and phrases like "loyalty committee" ring with a Stalinist melody, but no sane person should be worried. This is simply a sign of desperate right wingers showing their true colors. Nothing has actually changed.