Thursday, August 09, 2007

Young Republican National Federation Chair
Accused of Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Man


Glenn Murphy, Jr., the recently elected chairman of the Young Republican National Federation (also the RNC Chair for Clark County, Indiana and formerly the YRNF Secretary) has been accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping man. Immediately following the accusation, he came up with an unrelated reason to resign, and the YRNF cleansed their website of his name.

Allegedly, Murphy and another YR were drunk and crashing at Murphy's sister's house. The other man apparently awoke in the morning to find Murphy giving him a non-consensual blow job. The Clark County (Indiana) Sheriff's Department is charging Murphy with "criminal deviate conduct", a Class B felony.


Because I'm not really sure what Murphy's stated views on sexuality are, this story isn't technically along the lines of the high profile right-wing hypocrites I've been posting on lately, but it is worth a mention, if only because the right wing seems to be producing so many sex weirdos these days. I mean, okay, the boob-grabbing Governer Schwarzenegger and porn star Mary Carey are Republicans, too, but they're out in California, which blows the curve, or something to that effect. Generally, Republicans stand for so-called "family values," that is, neo-puritanism, and Murphy has sought and won a leadership role under these circumstances.

So what the hell does he think he's doing? I mean, sure, if gay blowjobs are your thing, no problem from me, but this sounds like date rape, totally non-consensual, and anyway...aren't Republicans supposed to be against that sort of thing, consensual or not?

You know, I wonder if it's always been like this, lots of GOP perverts on the down-low, with only the age of hyper mass media making it all visible, or if there's something in the water that's making them turn weird. Who am I kidding? It's always been like this: anti-sex attitudes breed perversion; the denial of human nature can only result in bizarro behavior. Okay, this is something we can definitely thank the hyper mass media for.

One of the few things, actually.