Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Is Miss Teen South Carolina the Perfect GOP Presidential Candidate?

From AlterNet:

By now you've probably seen the enormously popular footage of the 17-year-old Lauren Kaitlin Upton, a.k.a. Miss Teen South Carolina, horribly botching a response to a question about how to better improve American kids' geography skills. But Bill Maher does a great little bit here by juxtaposing her answer with Bush's slightly less infamous response to a question about the Native American tribal sovereignty. Maher argues that by GOP standards Miss Upton would make a terrific 2008 candidate for president.

Click here to see the video.

Bush has been elected twice by the American people. Even though one can argue about how legitimate those elections were, you can't deny that shitloads of citizens thought he was the man for the job. We're not talking about GOP presidential standards here; we're talking about American standards. And one of those standards is the whole "regular guy" meme, and by that measure, our President wins in spades. Of course the problem with that is that our educational system's indoctrinational mandate virtually always trumps wisdom and learning. In short, an American "regular guy" is woefully ignorant of politics, the Constitution, economics, culture, and of course, the world outside our borders--when it comes to understanding authority, which includes telling everybody else what to do, however, "regular guy" Americans are the best ever.

Really, this whole Maher gag is ultimately an indictment of our entire society.