Monday, September 15, 2008

Scott, No. 7 LSU sweep away North Texas in blowout fashion

From the AP via ESPN:

Charles Scott keeps breaking loose for long gains and LSU's running game looks as powerful as ever.

If the seventh-ranked Tigers don't find a passing game to match, they may not have it so easy when they begin Southeastern Conference play at Auburn next weekend.

Scott ran for touchdowns of 39 and 43 yards, Trindon Holliday scored on a 92-yard punt return, and LSU cruised to a 41-3 victory over winless North Texas on Saturday night.

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Well, probably the most interesting part was the USC/Ohio State game.

That is, LSU playing North Texas is your typical college football powerhouse early season warmup game-joke. I'm sure it was a snoozer. Well, maybe not: I really dig my teams beating the living shit out of pretty much anybody. I mean, it was probably boring for anybody who's not an LSU fan, but, you know. I probably would have enjoyed it if I'd gotten to see it, but for some reason it wasn't broadcast here in New Orleans. Instead, I watched USC beat the shit out of Ohio State, which, as I mentioned, played an important role in the LSU game. That is, LSU won convincingly enough to retain its spot in the AP poll; Ohio State's massive 35-3 loss pulled the Buckeyes out of the top ten completely: consequently,
LSU moves up to number six in this week's poll--Texas, right behind LSU, moved up as well, and they didn't have to do shit because their much anticipated game with former Southwest Conference rival Arkansas was postponed due to Hurricane Ike; I guess we'll see how that Big 12/SEC matchup works out.

Okay, don't get me wrong. It sounds like LSU has some problems in the passing game, which I hope will be worked out by the time they start playing some real teams. But really, I have absolutely no idea what kind of team the Tigers are this year. I haven't seen them play, and they haven't played anybody worth mentioning. Kind of hard to get excited just yet--the Longhorns have gotten my hopes up too many times with early season high rankings only to see it all go to shit once the real season starts for me to give my emotions so readily over to the Tigers at this point.

Ah hell. LSU is great even when they suck. Hook 'em Tigers!

LSU punt return specialist Trindon Holliday (8) races up field with a
North Texas punt in the second half of an NCAA college football game
in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008. Holliday returned the
punt 59-yards but did not score on the play. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)