Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama's Loss Traced To Me

Shocking news video from the future via courtesy of my buddy Reuben:

Right. Well, of course, the deal isn't that I'm a non-voter as much as it's about my throwing my vote away to Nader. Same difference. But I prefer to think that this shocking news from the future isn't something that's set in stone. That is, I believe this video comes from a possible future. We really can shape our own destinies. And I've already put some deep thought into this issue. As I proclaimed a couple of weeks ago, I will vote for Obama if it looks like it's going to be close here in Louisiana as we approach election day. Goddamned "Bradley Effect" outrages me in a very personal way; I mean, if you can't vote for Obama simply because he's black, just fucking say so. Don't throw the polls because you can't 'fess up to your fucking racism.

I've said for many years that one of the most significant effects of the Civil Rights Movement on American whites is that nobody can handle thinking of themselves as being racist, whether that's the case or not. Just check out the discussion thread here for this post I made a while back about an unsolved murder in Vidor, Texas. Most of the back and forth essentially boils down to telling me how wrong it is to call people racist. Only in America.

At any rate, I'm very much hoping that the video from the future doesn't truly come to pass.

Okay, I know it's fake.