Monday, November 10, 2008


From the AP via ESPN:

QB McCoy in charge as Texas bashes Baylor

Colt McCoy and Quan Cosby spent several late nights together in the Texas training room this week trying to heal their aching bodies.

Together on the field Saturday, they helped the No. 4 Longhorns get over the red-and-black blues -- that last-second loss at Texas Tech that knocked them out of the No. 1 spots in the AP poll, BCS standings and Big 12 South.

"I don't ever want to feel like I did last week again," Cosby said. "Not only getting hurt, but losing. It was important to come out and play like we today."

McCoy passed for 300 yards and five touchdowns, two to Cosby, as Texas rebounded with a 45-21 victory over Baylor.

"You want to get the bad taste out of your mouth," coach Mack Brown said. "More than anything I felt that Monday, and I know the kids did too."

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And again from the AP via ESPN:

Saban makes victorious return to Tiger Stadium as Bama stays unbeaten

In a bittersweet return to the school he once coached, Saban kept his current team on course for a shot at the national championship with a thrilling win Saturday. After missing a chip-shot field goal on the final play of regulation, No. 1 Alabama stayed perfect when John Parker Wilson scored on a 1-yard sneak in overtime for a 27-21 victory over the 16th-ranked Tigers.


LSU got the ball first in overtime, only to give away even a shot at the field goal when Jarrett Lee threw his fourth interception -- the third pick of the game by Alabama's Rashad Johnson, tying the school record. The Tide didn't even bother with another field goal try, having already missed twice.

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You know, I' really beginning to wonder if most of LSU's blues this year come from Jarrett Lee's tendency to throw to receivers on other teams. I'm no analyst or anything, but when you throw three INTs per game, you're going to lose to good teams. Just a thought. At any rate, LSU missed a chance to help out my other school's team a great deal. Upsetting 'Bama would have, maybe, put Texas back into the top two. But it didn't happen. I mean, the Tigers played well, taking it to overtime and all, but to no avail.

Texas played well, too, albeit against a much inferior team. Okay, the Bears are playing better than they have in recent memory, but you know. I suppose that's how they got 21 points--well, okay, that last TD was against the Longhorn bench, but still.

Okay, let's talk BCS.

Texas is number three. 'Bama and Tech are one and two respectively, with Florida at four, and Oklahoma at five. Tech and OU play on the 22nd; obviously, I want OU to win this one. 'Bama has Mississippi State and Auburn to round out their regular season schedule, which they ought to win handily, so I'm looking forward to the probable showdown with Florida in the SEC championship game. In short, with UT at three, I want the one and two teams to lose. Problem is, the teams most likely to beat them are ranked four and five, and big fucking wins for them could easily mean a BCS rankings jump over Texas. Worst case scenario: Florida and OU end up in the top two slots, with Texas remaining at number three--another worst case scenario: everything remains the same and Texas goes to the Cotton Bowl or the Independence Bowl or some such.

This shit makes my head spin. I'm also assuming Texas doesn't falter against Kansas or the vile Aggies of Texas A&M. Okay, that's the real worst case scenario: Texas loses for the third time in a row against the Aggies.

You know, I'll be happy if we just beat A&M. Fucking Aggies.