Monday, November 24, 2008

Texas moves up to No. 2 in BCS

From FOX Sports via the BCS:

With its dominating win over Texas Tech on Saturday night in Norman, Oklahoma made a compelling case to be playing for the national title in Miami.

But it's the team that handed the Sooners their only loss of the season that would be playing in the BCS championship game against No. 1 Alabama if the season ended Sunday.

After the Red Raiders' 65-21 loss, Big 12 rival Texas took over the No. 2 spot in this week's BCS standings with the Sooners right behind, rising from No. 5 to No. 3.

More here.

Pretty nice work for a bye week.

Of course, whether this actually means that my beloved Longhorns will get to play for the national championship is a most decidedly unanswered question. After the Sooners beat the shit out of Tech on Saturday night, the announcer guys on ESPN immediately started arguing with each other about who deserved to be ranked higher, Texas or Oklahoma. Clearly, OU's flash and dash against the Red Raiders have wowed poll voters, leapfrogging over Texas in the AP and USA Today polls. But Texas has the edge in the computer rankings, which look at strength of schedule and all kinds of other shit I don't really understand. I have no idea what this means exactly. Sports analyses range from doom and gloom for Texas, to outright militant optimism.

To me, the more believable analyis favors Texas, but, you know...

For now, I'm just going to be happy that UT is back in the top two. And who knows? Maybe Florida will beat Alabama in the SEC championship, but not by enough to impress poll voters, putting Texas and Oklahoma in the top two slots, making for an all Big 12 national championship game. That'd be cool.

Death to the Aggies!