Sunday, November 16, 2008


From the AP via ESPN:

Texas QB McCoy burns Kansas for two TDs to set season record

If the Big 12 South title is ultimately decided on who handed Kansas the most lopsided loss, give Texas Tech the nod. The No. 2 Red Raiders crushed the Jayhawks 63-21 while No. 5 Oklahoma beat them 45-31.

But No. 3 Texas will not apologize for its 35-7 victory on Saturday no matter what the final BCS rankings might show.

"If 35-7 against Kansas on the road isn't a good enough win for someone, we'll just go wherever they tell us to go," said Texas coach Mack Brown.

The Red Raiders, Sooners and Longhorns (10-1, 6-1 Big 12) could wind up in a three-way tie for the South title, which might mean the tiebreaker would be BCS standings. Those, of course, could be influenced by "style" points, including things like how they did against common opponents.

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And again from the AP via ESPN:

LSU rallies from 28 down to trip Troy in Baton Rouge

Most of the fans already had left the stadium. Quarterback Jarrett Lee had been booed and benched in the first half. But somehow, LSU found a way to follow one of its most disheartening losses with the biggest comeback in school history.

LSU rallied from 28 points down to beat Troy, completing the comeback when Charles Scott scored with 4:50 left to put the 20th-ranked Tigers ahead in a 40-31 win Saturday night.


Troy went up 31-3 midway through the third, but LSU (7-3) answered with a touchdown late in the quarter and then ran off 30 points in the fourth to avoid an embarrassing loss.

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Okay, the Texas/Kansas game was fun to watch: the Longhorns dominated almost all the way, which is exactly how I love to watch Texas football. Of course, I'm greatly anticipating the savage beating the Aggies will receive Thanksgiving, but it's all about the BCS right now, which means I'm a Sooner fan for one weekend only. That is, the BCS rankings over the weekend remained the same for the top five, so the 'Horns need some help from ultra-evil rival OU. They're playing in Norman, which makes me hopeful that Tech will lose. But not by much. As the announcers were speculating during UT/KU, if the Sooners beat the shit out of Tech, they might leapfrog Texas into the number two slot.

I hate this waiting.

LSU, however, is another story entirely. Yeah yeah, big comeback, all that good shit, but it was against Troy. A Sun Belt team. You know, the shitty Sun Belt, which includes North Texas State and other shitty second tier teams--I'm not even sure why this conference exists. LSU should have never, never, never ended up in such an enormous hole at any point in the game, let alone the fourth quarter. I was musing last week that maybe it's all about Lee's incompetence as QB, but LSU's defense allowed a great deal of bullshit Saturday.

I have no idea what the deal is--I mean, if I did, I could probably be a sports writer or announcer or something along those lines. The bottom line is that LSU sucks this year. Okay, seven wins isn't too shabby, but it's horrible for a team that won the national championship last year. What on earth is going on with the Tigers?