Friday, November 07, 2008

South Park Obama Victory Episode Aired Wednesday Night

From the Huffington Post news wire:

It didn't take long for the notoriously-fast-working folks at South Park to lampoon President-Elect Obama. Last night's episode featured the president-elect, Michelle Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin. The episode, "About Last Night," revolves around an Ocean's 11-style plot to steal the Hope diamond.

Click here to watch a clip of the episode over at Huffington Post.

Obviously, South Park's creators, Parker and Stone, were making the same gamble that Garry Trudeau made with Doonesbury, that the polls were correct, and Obama was certain to win. I haven't checked out the Doonesbury Daily Dose yet to see what's up in Baby Boomer land, but I did watch South Park last night, and was impressed, as usual. I mean, it was less politically poignant than I've seen with SP before, but it was pretty fucking spot on in a couple of ways, the absurdity of Obamamania, and the irrationality of conservative fears about our new President Elect.

It's very amusing. Check it out here.