Monday, December 01, 2008


Houston Chronicle sports writer Richard Justice on Big 12 and BCS injustice:

A raw deal for UT from flawed system

You couldn’t possibly look worse. Check it out. Your conference championship game will feature two teams — Oklahoma and Missouri — that lost to Texas.


Let’s review. Texas beat Oklahoma 45-35 in October. But Texas also stumbled once, losing to Texas Tech on the road with one second to play.

Each team had one loss. OU beat Texas Tech by 44 points in Norman. Texas beat OU by 10 in Dallas. Tech beat Texas by six in Lubbock.

Is it that complicated? Texas was one second from a perfect season. None of the other teams can say that.


Besides, Oklahoma has played as well as any team in the country the last month, and isn’t that what this is all about anyway?

Actually, it’s not. The BCS is supposed to weigh a team’s entire body of work and count a victory in October as much as one in November. Didn’t happen this time. Won’t happen next time.

More here.

I'm fucking infuriated.

Yeah yeah, screaming at computers doesn't do a damn bit of good, as Justice observes in his essay, but that doesn't alter how pissed off I am. I don't give a fuck that these are the rules all the Big 12 schools agreed to; I don't give a fuck that the BCS has done a much better job than older systems as far as national rankings go. Texas was fucking robbed. OU has no right to be playing for the Big 12 championship, nor will they have any right to play for the national championship if they avoid being upset by Missouri. All that rightfully belongs to Texas because of one unalterable fact: Texas beat OU 45-35.

I'll say it again. Texas beat OU 45-35.

For years now I've been ambivalent about a playoff system for college football. Sure, playoffs are cool, but so are bowl games, and what we've got now really isn't so bad, right? Not anymore. This is the straw that broke the camel's back. Or rather, it's the dick that fucked Bevo in the ass. Whatever. We need a playoff system for bigtime college football. Like next year. This is just fucking awful.

You know, I kind of hope OU goes all the way, so that when it's over and done, the Longhorn nation can say "Oh yeah, OU national champion, we fucking beat 'em, some fucking champion."

Hook 'em 'Horns!