Thursday, December 11, 2008

The White Nationalist Behind Bill O'Reilly's War on Christmas

From AlterNet:

What would Christmas be without warnings of the secular crusade to destroy it? Thanks to the fulminations of cable news cranks and evangelical moralists, the War on Christmas has become an annual outrage. The story typically goes as follows: secular elements have intimidated stores into replacing the phrase “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays;” nativity scenes have been removed from public spaces under threat of ACLU lawsuits; a decadent culture is moving ever closer to eradicating Christian morality; and America slouches towards Gomorrah.


Back during the culture wars of the 1990s, Peter Brimelow, then a Fortune magazine editor, grew incensed with the increasing use of the phrase “Happy Holidays” by retailers like “I just got real interested in the issue,” Brimelow told The Daily Beast, “because I noticed over the years there was this social shift taking place where people no longer said ‘Merry Christmas.’”

In his 1995 book,
Alien Nation, Brimelow argued that the influx of “weird aliens with dubious habits” from developing nations was eroding America’s white Christian “ethnic core,” and in turn, sullying its cultural underpinnings. The War on Christmas was, in his view, a particularly pernicious iteration of the multicultural “struggle to abolish America.”


VDare’s 2005 War on Christmas winner, Steve Sailer, a Eugenics enthusiast and author of the new biography of Barack Obama, America’s Half-Blood Prince, picked up where Piatak left off. “American Jews,” Sailer wrote, “those exemplars of successful assimilation now seem to be de-assimilating emotionally, becoming increasingly resentful, at this late date, of their fellow Americans for celebrating Christmas.” Sailer went on to quote at length from a column by the purportedly Jewish writer, Bert Prelutsky, called “The Jewish Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

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It's that time of year again.

As if another round of Yuletide absurdist FOX News attacks against straw-man liberal principles wasn't enough, we now see evidence that this bizarre "War on Christmas" tactic was hatched by white supremacists. That means that, in addition to being lying assholes, the people at FOX are xenophobic, racist, anti-diversity assholes, as well.

But that's no surprise; we already knew that. And the underwhelming news here is that the white supremacy angle in no way makes the "liberals hate Christmas" argument any more or less ridiculous. Because, as I've written before, there is no liberal war on Christmas. Liberals like Christmas just as much as anybody. Even the secular humanist liberals like me. I mean, you don't have to believe in the virgin birth, or that Jesus even actually existed, in order to dig ideas like "peace on Earth" or "goodwill toward men," or to love Christmas trees, carols, lights, Santa, and eggnog. For god's sake, the Beatles loved Christmas!

I, for one, will always love Christmas. There's no liberal agenda to eradicate the best holiday of the year. It's just not true, which always leaves me a bit speechless when I hear the likes of O'Reilly telling me how much I'm supposed to hate it. I'm beginning to suspect the FOX Newsers of not knowing a damned thing about liberals at all.

As far as I can tell, the phrase "happy holidays," which seems to be the main point of contention in this so-called war, was invented by retailers several decades ago who were, and still are, trying to get the relatively few Americans who celebrate other holidays in December to buy more worthless crap to give as gifts. That is, "happy holidays" is a business thing, not a liberal thing. That is, if there's a war on Christmas, it's coming from capitalists, you know, conservatives, which is deliciously ironic.

Of course, FOX News doesn't do irony, so I don't expect the rhetoric on this to lighten up anytime soon.