Tuesday, January 06, 2009


From the AP via ESPN:

Longhorns squash Buckeyes' upset dreams with 26-yard score at :16

Left out of the national title game, Colt McCoy and Texas made the most of their trip to the Fiesta Bowl.

They just hope they did enough to impress poll voters.

McCoy hit Quan Cosby for a 26-yard touchdown with 16 seconds to play, lifting the third-ranked Longhorns to a 24-21 victory over No. 10 Ohio State on Monday night. The dramatic strike capped an 11-play, 78-yard drive that took only 1:42.

"It doesn't feel any better than to come from behind and win," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "It was just a classic, really, between Texas and Ohio State, the way it should be."

When it ended, Texas players rushed onto the field, then gathered in front of the band and sang "The Eyes of Texas" with jubilant fans.

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Okay, as the article goes on to observe, Texas probably didn't do enough to satisfy AP sportswriters enough to get the split title. I mean, these people don't give a shit about come-from-behind, or magnificent defensive struggle, or the tenacity needed to beat an extraordinarily good Buckeye team after having the college football establishment shitting on you for weeks. No, sportswriters like sixty point wins over lesser teams--I wonder how they'll vote if both Florida and OU look like crap on Thursday?

Anyway, none of that matters now. Texas kicked ass last night. I really do agree with Dr. McCoy: nobody can beat Texas right now, not Florida, not USC, and certainly not number one OU. The Longhorn nation knows who the real national champion is.

And it was a great game. A couple of buddies of mine at work told me it sucked during the first half, but I just had to respond that a great defensive struggle is just as much of the game as running up the score is--I guess they were simply reflecting the score-happy bias of coaches and the press. The Texas front four played magnificently, as usual, and the young Longhorn secondary has obviously grown up over the season. Our defense fucking rocks. And our offense...well, kickass come-from-behind wins are what NFL teams do; one rarely sees such a thing in bigtime top five college games. Unless Texas is playing.

My god, this really was bad for my heart. That last drive really blew me away. I yelled "Touchdown Texas!!!" so loudly that I worried my neighbors would call the cops. Fucking A. I love the Longhorns.

UT wide receiver Quan Cosby runs and leaps into the end zone for the game-winning
touchdown Monday after a pass from Colt McCoy in the fourth quarter at University
of Phoenix Stadium. Cosby, a senior, was penalized for the celebration.

Go watch this quick video courtesy of my old pal and fellow Longhorn Matt. It's funny. And glorious. Hook 'em 'Horns!