Thursday, February 19, 2009


From the AP via the Houston Chronicle:

NY Post cartoon of dead chimpanzee stirs outrage

A New York Post cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police drew outrage Wednesday from civil rights leaders and elected officials who said it echoed racist stereotypes of blacks as monkeys.

The cartoon in Wednesday's Post by Sean Delonas shows two police officers, one with a smoking gun, standing over the body of a bullet-riddled chimp. The caption reads: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."


The cartoon set off a furious response against the Post. Its phones rang all day with angry callers. Protesters picketed the tabloid's Manhattan offices, demanding an apology and a boycott and chanting "shut the Post down."

Col Allan, editor-in-chief of the Post, defended the work.

"The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut," Allan said in a statement. "It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist."

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Yeah well, it ain't just Al Sharpton condemning the cartoon.

Really, the old Reverend doesn't have to say anything at all. It speaks for itself. Straight up racist. I mean, c'mon. It makes President Obama out to be a fucking monkey. A fucking monkey!!! That's one of the oldest racist attacks on the books. No controversy here, no debate. The New York Post ran a totally racist, totally offensive political cartoon. Period.

There is no way to defend this. "Broadly mocks Washington's efforts" my ass. Like I keep saying, racism is alive and well in the United States, and it is not the exclusive domain of country fucks and skin-headed neo-Nazis: the New York Post is a widely distributed near-mainstream newspaper, conservative yes, but read by thousands of presumably sophisticated urbanites in what is the de facto capitol of the world. And the Post serves up this steaming pile of shit and dares us not to call it what it is. Really, it's sick.

Now here's the punchline: the Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which also owns FOX News. I know these guys are evil racist assholes, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams they would ever dare to go so far into the sewer.

Yeah, the sewer:

Maybe this will be the event that topples Murdoch's evil empire. I hope.