Thursday, February 26, 2009

Will's "final thought" on Obama speech:
"I don't know when men started to hug each
other, but hug they do, and look at that"

From Media Matters courtesy of Eschaton:

You can see this in its original context here. But really, there's no point in clicking through; it's just the video, no transcript.

George Will, the Washington Post's conservative essayist, has been doing the TV pundit thing for many many years in spite of the fact that he's stupider than shit. I mean, he sure does look smart and all, with his wire rimmed spectacles and that professorial bow tie, that midwestern no nonsense Father Mulcahy demeanor, that plain straightforward speech. But trust me, he's a moron. Pure testament to the fact that achieving icon status in the corporate media has nothing to do with brains.

Okay, I like it when he talks about baseball. But that's about it. Otherwise, he's just a more civil version of Rush Limbaugh, putting a little rhetorical flourish on contradictory, hypocritical, and just plain wrong Republican talking points.

Anyway, this vid is pretty much par for the course. Men hugging is weird and new. And worthy of serious political commentary. Fucktard.