Monday, April 20, 2009

"Talk Like Shakespeare Day" Declared For Thursday In Chicago

From the AP via the Huffington Post news wire:

In honor of William Shakespeare's upcoming birthday, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has proclaimed "Talk Like Shakespeare Day" in the city.

A bit more here.

(clears throat)

This New World Mayor's good proclamation seems
A wondrous way to celebrate our love
Of language, stories, universal themes,
The kick-ass high brow shit that makes hearts move.

But how does one launch simply into verse?
Such complicated lines of iambs packed
With soul, with fire, with thoughts and moods diverse
Are better memorized for one to act.

Indeed, from time to time my privilege
To speak his speech so tripp'ly off the tongue,
To feel like God, or, like a bird, to fledge
Makes plain: my words and rhymes are so much dung.

No, there is one, and only one, Great Bard.
Besides, to rip him off is fucking hard.

Playing Shylock in Merchant of Venice back when I was at LSU.