Saturday, May 02, 2009

If Torture Prosecutions Go Ahead, Indict Clinton Too

From AlterNet:

Former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer, the architect of the rendition program under Bill Clinton, said what many Democrats know but would rather not hear: that when it comes to sending people to face torture in other countries, the Clinton administration may be as vulnerable to indictment as the Bush administration.

I suggested that perhaps Scheuer ought to be indicted, as the one who designed the program. He insisted that he was only following the orders of the president.

More here, with video of the exchange.

"Only following orders" was not an acceptable defense at Nuremberg.

But having said that, Scheuer makes an incredibly good point. And I say bring it on. Let the chips fall where they may. This has never been about political parties or whether an elected official is on my side or not. It's about law, international treaties, and, most importantly, morality, the very soul of our nation.

Even though I've been critical of President Clinton on countless occasions - it is well understood that our last "liberal" president governed well to the right of Republican Richard Nixon - I have to admit that I've always liked the big lug. He may not be much of a liberal, but he sure does talk the talk well. You know, he "felt my pain" and all. But that doesn't matter. If he was in on the torture, nail him to the wall.

Nail them all to the wall.

If we have any love for our nation and the principles for which it supposedly stands, it's the only way. Anything less is tantamount to sweeping away the ashes of our old republic. We've got to investigate this and take it as far as it goes, even if it means putting people we love on trial.

And we've got to do it now.

Stupid Republicans: all the time they were trying to throw Elvis out of office for his meaningless White House blowjob, they could have impeached him on something real.