Thursday, May 07, 2009


From Wikipedia:

"The Naked Time" is an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series first broadcast September 29, 1966, and repeated on April 27, 1967. It is a first season episode #4, production #7, and was written by John D. F. Black and directed by Marc Daniels. It has a sequel in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the episode "The Naked Now".

Overview: A strange affliction infects the crew of the Enterprise, destroying their inhibitions.

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Not only is this one of my favorites, I would easily put it in my top five. I mean, this one's incredible. Spock cries. Sulu runs around shirtless with a rapier. Reilly, a character who appears in only two episodes but became an eternal fan favorite, shuts down the engines while belting Irish drinking songs to the ship over the intercom. Scotty says, "I've got to have thirty minutes" to restart the warp drive as the Enterprise plunges rapidly toward certain destruction.

Seven episodes into the series and they had it completely figured out.

No matter how good the new Star Trek movie ends up being, it will be impossible to top The Naked Time. It's that great.

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