Tuesday, May 26, 2009


From Balloon Juice courtesy of Eschaton:

Your Sunday Morning Sermon

Courtesy of a Red State diary:

It’s likely even Jesus would have OK’d water boarding if it would have saved his Mom. He would’ve done the same to save his Dad, or any one of His disciples. For that matter, He even died to save all humans.
More here, including a link to the original post at the super right-wing RedState site.

So, of course, the point that liberal Balloon Juice is making by excerpting this passage is something along the lines of "those far right torture supporters are so depraved that they're willing to twist the ostensibly pacifist views of 'the prince of peace' to mean their exact opposite."

Well, okay.

I agree that torture supporters are depraved. I also agree that many, many Christians oppose torture because of their religious convictions, and that one can argue convincingly that Jesus might have opposed torture himself. But I can't say that most Christians oppose torture because a recent study found that a majority of church goers do not oppose torture. And, as I observed a few weeks back in my post about this study, the existence of pro-torture Christians is not really such a strange phenomenon: Christians believe that Hell, the ultimate and most horrific torture chamber in all the universe, is a good thing, extremely important in the cosmic moral order.

We must never forget that "love your neighbor" Jesus spoke fondly, on numerous occasions, about Hell, and the crucial role it plays in his Father's plans and schemes. That is, Jesus supported torture.

You can take that as allegory if you want, and like I said, many Christians do, but it's all right there in the Bible. Don't take my word for it; look it up yourself if you don't believe me: torture is literally embedded in Christian belief.

So, what the fuck would Jesus do? Well, he'd probably be very happy about your eternal torment if you haven't accepted him into your heart. Or very sad that you have to face his father's wrath, and are too proud to use his get-out-of-jail-free-card otherwise known as "salvation." Whatever. Same difference.