Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Christian' Manifesto Comparing Liberals to Nazis Gathers
Signatures of Religious Right Leaders -- and Catholic Bishops


Religious right leaders are making a concerted push to gain thousands of new signatures for their "Manhattan Declaration," a manifesto released late last year by about 150 conservative Christian leaders. The document, signed by such religious-right heavy-hitters as Focus on the Family eminence James Dobson and Prison Fellowship Ministries leader Chuck Colson, compares pro-choice advocates to eugenicists (and implicitly to Nazis) and equates same-sex marriage with polygamy and a gateway to legalized incest. Its authors promise to defy any law that does not comport with their religious beliefs. Joining the religious right's Protestant leaders as signatories to the declaration are four Roman Catholic bishops, including those presiding over the powerful archdioceses of New York and Washington, DC.


Despite the hyperventilated claims by the declaration's authors to be staking out new historical ground, the message essentially rehashes the anti-gay and anti-abortion messages religious right leaders have been spouting for decades.

This basic message, while gussied up in pages of prose from George and Colson, echoes speeches we've heard again and again by James Dobson, Tony Perkins, and many of the other familiar religious right leaders who are among the original signers.


My take lately is that the glory days of the religious right are safely stuck in the 90s. They got one of their own, a bona fide born again Jesus loving Bible quoting manly man with a big dick, into the White House in 2000. That was supposed to herald the New Jerusalem, but it didn't. As usual, the GOP talked the talk in order to court their votes, but when push came to shove, Republicans just didn't give a shit, also as usual.

I think conservative Christian voters are tired of trying, again and again, without any getting any results. So this latest rhetorical exercise just doesn't rile me the way it would have seven or eight years ago. In all likelihood, for the foreseeable future anyway, the US will not become a Christian theocracy. Thank god and praise Jeebus.

On the other hand, they've got money, numbers, and annoyingly loud voices. They will continue to be a thorn in the nation's side. After all, it was religious money that recently tilted the scale in favor of passing the anti gay marriage Proposition 8 initiative out in California. And anti-abortion terrorists continue to bomb clinics and shoot doctors. They're not going to be taking over anytime soon, but they are going to keep right on fucking things up.

As far as I can tell, this manifesto thingy really only serves as an attempt to rally some severely demoralized troops, you know, the Army of the Lord, or whatever. Good luck with that. As for me, I'm content simply to have a little fun at their expense. I just signed their declaration as "Rod Munch," a good Bevis and Butthead name.

I bet they don't catch it. Heh.