Sunday, August 15, 2010


Media Matters for America:

Schlessinger's N-word rant

CALLER: OK. Last night -- good example -- we had a neighbor come over, and this neighbor -- when every time he comes over, it's always a black comment. It's, "Oh, well, how do you black people like doing this?" And, "Do black people really like doing that?" And for a long time, I would ignore it. But last night, I got to the point where it --

SCHLESSINGER: I don't think that's racist.

CALLER: Well, the stereotype --

SCHLESSINGER: I don't think that's racist. No, I think that --

CALLER: [unintelligible]

SCHLESSINGER: No, no, no. I think that's -- well, listen, without giving much thought, a lot of blacks voted for Obama simply 'cause he was half-black. Didn't matter what he was gonna do in office, it was a black thing. You gotta know that. That's not a surprise. Not everything that somebody says -- we had friends over the other day; we got about 35 people here -- the guys who were gonna start playing basketball. I was going to go out and play basketball. My bodyguard and my dear friend is a black man. And I said, "White men can't jump; I want you on my team." That was racist? That was funny.

CALLER: How about the N-word? So, the N-word's been thrown around --

SCHLESSINGER: Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic, and all you hear is nigger, nigger, nigger.

CALLER: That isn't --

SCHLESSINGER: I don't get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it's a horrible thing; but when black people say it, it's affectionate. It's very confusing. Don't hang up, I want to talk to you some more. Don't go away.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I'll be right back.

Much more
here, with audio.

And it just gets worse. Really, go check it out. You thought Michael Richard's n-word tirade was shocking? This is far, far worse. Schlessinger, unlike Richards, was in full control of her wits. She wasn't angry. She wasn't being heckled in front of a seemingly hostile audience. She was simply stating her views honestly.

And those views are unambiguously racist.

Her "apology" drives the point home. To her, it was all about "(articulating) the 'n' word all the way out." And that's definitely a problem, to be sure. Especially because she does it, like, ten times. But she appears to be blissfully unaware of how she:

1. reduced African-Americans to nothing but a herd who voted for President Obama simply because he's black

2. used an example of her relationship with her black servant, a bodyguard, to show what she believes proper black behavior ought to be when addressing white people

3. displayed utter contempt for the subtle and nuanced black usage of the n-word for purposes of solidarity and self-liberation

4. derisively asserts that electing a black man as President ended all racism

5. accuses the African-American caller of having "a chip on (her) shoulder" for simply making reasonable observations about Schlessinger's gratuitous usage of the n-word

6. slams the NAACP for no apparent reason

7. asserts that any racism the caller faces is her own fault for marrying a white man

8. repeatedly cuts off and talks over the caller, disallowing her from making any real points of her own

9. dismisses all black complaints about racism as "black-think"


10. insists that blacks would be just fine if they had a sense of humor.

Yeah, the n-word is bad. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Schlessinger is a part of that huge percentage of the US white population who really really really resent black people for believing racism is still a big problem. I mean, if you think racism no longer exists you're either stupid or ignorant. If you're really pissed off at black people for thinking racism still exists, you're a racist. Dr. Laura is clearly part of the latter group. Unapologetic, in-your-face, and fuck you.

I've known for years that Schlessinger is a right-wing cunt who is not only cruel and vicious to her callers, but is also willing to allow people to think that she knows what she's talking about, when, in fact, she doesn't: her doctorate isn't in psychology--it's in physiology. That is, she's a liar, too. Now we know that she, like many other mainstream conservative personalities, is a straight-up racist.

I hope this destroys her career.