Wednesday, August 25, 2010


the Huffington Post news wire:

New York Rep. Charles Rangel has shot back at President Barack Obama's recent comment that he "end his career with dignity."

Speaking at a candidate's forum Monday night in New York City, Rangel said the president hasn't "been around long enough to determine what my dignity is."

The 80-year-old congressman said it was more likely he would protect Obama's dignity over the next two years.


If Rangel's guilty of ethics violations, I want him tossed out of Congress; if he's innocent, I want his name cleared. But that's beside the point here. Whether he's guilty or not, he's definitely an arrogant asshole. I mean, what a cheap shot. It would be one thing to refute the President's comment, you know, "my career's not ending anytime soon" or "I've got as much dignity as ever," that sort of thing. But why fire a shot across Obama's bow? Why go for the low blow with that bullshit age comment?

I'm a bit younger than the President, myself, but my forty two years is plenty of time to gauge asshole Rangel's dignity: it was always pretty low, what with how he runs his asshole mouth all the time, but it is currently non-existent, drained away with his Blagojevich styled narcissistic and pompous self-defense that threatens to make the House Democratic majority less popular than it already is.

That is, fuck you Rangel, you're a big huge arrogant asshole, the kind of Congressman that has made me vow to never vote for a Democrat again. You and Barbara Boxer. Most of the Democratic caucus, actually, in both houses. You people are so into yourselves, your power, your status, your ability to appear on television like the trashy celebrities you are, that you don't really have the time or inclination to actually run this country for its people.

You took Congress away from the GOP because the people wanted us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. And what have you done in those last four years as far as ending the wars go? Nothing. Instead, you bloviate on TV, and hold out your greedy hands for millions in corporate donations, and look in the mirror, and comb your hair.

I'm all for robust debate, and even some name-calling from time to time. But only when it serves the people's interests! This is the kind of Democratic arrogance that gave the White House, and the future of the United States, to Ronald Reagan and his psychopathic ilk back in 1980. And you're making it happen again, but the stakes are far higher now. You're destroying the country for your vanity.

You are the peoples' servant. Not their better.

I've really come to hate the Democrats.