Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wiccan Community Upset with O'Donnell

the Huffington Post news wire:

Mantineia called the Delaware Republican's conflation of witchcraft and Satanism "disappointing."

I really have to question what she is talking about because witchcraft and Satanism are two different things... witches or Wiccans do not believe in Satan. We don't even believe that Satan exists. Satan is a Christian deity of some kind. He is part of the Christian religion not ours. We worship nature; we work very closely with nature. We do not have blood on our altar and we have little to do with Satan. So I don't know what Ms. O'Donnell is talking about. I wonder if she knows what she was talking about.
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That's just too funny. I mean, it's not particularly unprecedented or weird; just ask the socialists, real socialists,
what they think about Obama being called a socialist all the time by the right wing. I wonder if real Nazis have a problem with the President being called a Nazi all the time, too. You've just got to love the era in which we live.

Of course, the anti-masturbation GOP Senate candidate in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell, is a total kook, and I greatly look forward to her election hopes being dashed to bits on a rock come November, but the kind of "dabbling in witchcraft" as a teenager she described ten years ago on Bill Maher's now defunct ABC late night talk show Politically Incorrect is one that is familiar to me. That is, fundamentalist Christians believe that
Satan is alive and well on planet Earth. No, seriously. They believe that angels and demons continually surround all human beings and do spiritual warfare over their souls. Actually, it's very difficult to have a conversation with fundamentalists about this topic because it's, well, fucking ludicrous. But that's what they believe.

Consequently, going on a date with a guy who listens to Black Sabbath or Marilyn Manson, wears black and displays pentagrams, or is a
Wiccan, is tantamount to going on a date with a Satanist. That is, a Satanist who really worships Satan, who really exists, and has millions of real followers worldwide. Fortunately for us, and perhaps unfortunately for Christian fundamentalists, the vast majority of Satanists aren't much more than disaffected teenagers trying to piss off their parents and teachers--people who really do worship Satan, on the other hand, aren't much more influential than the "God hates fags" crowd from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, probably less influential, actually. That is, in the grand scheme of things, there aren't any Satanists.

So O'Donnell's "dabbling in witchcraft" very likely falls into the disaffected teenager category. To her, it was a brush with evil that influenced the rest of her life. In reality, it was a date with an idiot who probably works at Burger King today.

Full disclosure: I've had a devilish grin on my face the whole time I've been writing this.