Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So the junior senator from my state is up for reelection. We already know that David Vitter, who often eats in the restaurant where I work when he's back home from Washington, is
a sexually deviant hypocrite who sleeps with prostitutes one day, and condemns homosexuals and adulterers the next. We also know that he encourages wild right-wing bullshit conspiracy theorists to the detriment of the nation, even though he probably doesn't buy into such wild ideas himself. We're also pretty sure he likes to wear diapers for sexual pleasure--not that there's anything wrong with that.

In short, he's one fucked up asshole who really has no business being the parish dog catcher, let alone a member of the United States Senate. Otherwise, Vitter's a rather bland and intellectually incurious country club Republican who panders to his party's social conservatives, which is bad enough, but there are so many politicians who fit this category, it's barely worth mentioning. No, Vitter's big crime is that he's a lying, hypocritical piece of shit.

But this lying and racist political ad (hat tip to
Hullabaloo) surprised even me:

Never mind the fact that the recent uptick in Latino migration to South Louisiana stems directly from the Bush administration's cynical importation of immigrant workers to the region in order to undercut Katrina reconstruction wages for African-Americans, and can therefore in no way be blamed on Democrats. I mean, it's bad enough to blame the Democrats for something the Republicans definitely did. But what's jaw-dropping here is the totally racist caricature of countless Hispanic men scurrying through a hole like rats in order to menace our precious white way of life.

I had no idea that Vitter is such racist white trash.

I mean, you know, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. Vitter's from Metairie, where I live these days: this is a community that exists primarily because white New Orleanians didn't want their kids to go to school with black kids back during the civil rights era; this is a community that sent
a KKK leader to the state legislature back in the 80s. Old school Southern racism is alive and well here. And this is Vitter's home. Of course he's a racist piece of shit.

Hey, remember this little gem from the 80s?

Vitter's ad is hardly better. No progress in twenty years. I know I vowed after the John Kerry debacle back in '04 to never vote for a Democrat again, but you know, all politics is local, and Vitter is such scum, I'm going back on my word.

Melancon for Senator!

The Hispanic man according to David Vitter.