Monday, October 11, 2010

Fake field goal, last-second TD help LSU send Florida to second straight loss

From ESPN:

Jarrett Lee tossed a 3-yard touchdown pass to Terrence Toliver with 6 seconds left after LSU kept its final drive alive with a successful fake field goal, and the Tigers pulled out a 33-29 against the 14th-ranked Gators on Saturday night.

Ripped for nearly blowing last week's game against Tennessee because of clock management issues, Miles made all the right calls in this one.

"How about that one, huh?" Miles said. "These games are becoming more routine."

With 35 seconds remaining, LSU (6-0, 4-0 Southeastern Conference) lined up for a game-tying, 52-yard field goal, but holder Derek Helton threw a no-look pitch over his head to placekicker Josh Jasper. The ball bounced, Jasper scooped it up on a hop and ran for the first down.


Wow. This was one fucking great game. And it turned out the way I wanted. And LSU looked good. None of the bullshit I've been railing on for two and a half seasons now. I mean, the end of this game was almost the opposite of how the Tennessee game ended. That is, clock management was just flawless, none of that horrifying bumble-stumble shit. Really, much of LSU's performance against the Gators was flawless. Sure, there were some fuck ups here and there, but absolutely none of that amateur hour crap that's doomed them to failure for the last couple of years. And they've finally figured out the quarterback puzzle: who would have figured that using both of their underachieving quarterbacks would do the trick?

I've gotta face the facts here. If Saturday's game, a road contest against a very very good SEC powerhouse rival, was no fluke, and I don't think it was, the Tigers have gotten their shit together. They're a real football team now. I have no idea what Les Miles did to make it all come together, but he sure did do something. And now that division rival Alabama has been toppled from its number one spot, undefeated LSU is in sole possession of the SEC West. Dare I hope for a national championship this year? Well, no, not yet, anyway. But winning the SEC now appears to be a very distinct possibility.

And I'll definitely settle for that.