Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Howling Man

From Wikipedia:

The story is told in a flashback by an American called David Ellington. While on a walking trip through post-World War I Europe, Ellington becomes lost, is drenched by rain and seeks shelter in a nearby castle. He is told to leave immediately, but he collapses, shivering.

Upon waking inside the castle, Ellington hears a wolf-like howl and goes to investigate. In the bowels of the castle he finds a bedraggled, but apparently cultured and intelligent man in a cell. The man claims to be a prisoner of an insane religious order, locked up because he kissed his sweetheart.


Watch it

So, as I mentioned last night, no Star Trek this week. Instead, groove on this fabulous but not well known episode of the Twilight Zone, featuring Carradine clan patriarch John Carradine, as head of that "insane religious order." Great stuff.

John Carradine