Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yoko Ono: Lady Gaga 'Has A Very Lovely Bottom'

the Huffington Post news wire:

Another thing John would love? Lady Gaga -- and Yoko herself is a big fan, too. Especially of her bottom.

"Lady Gaga has a very pretty bottom," Ono declared. "She performed with me on stage wearing a see-through lace catsuit and people thought it was an insult because you could see her bottom. I'm the lady who did an exhibition of bottoms. How could hers offend me?

In fact, it didn't: "She has a very lovely bottom. I think she's wonderful. John would have loved her, because she's an artist, she's fearless and she pushes every limit, which we both always adored."

The performance together that Ono refers to was an October concert, where Gaga joined up with the conceptual band that Ono and Lennon started over forty years ago, Plastic Ono Band. In many ways, Ono and Gaga are similar, both avante garde artists in their times.


Lady Gaga...I'm still not quite sure what to say about her. The bottom line, no pun intended, for me and Lady Gaga is that, while I really don't understand at all what she's trying to do or why, and while I don't really even like her music all that much, it is impossible to not observe that her work definitely rises to the level of artistry. Visually, anyway. I mean, all that crazy fucked up shit she does is quite clearly tapping the performance art vein, something her techno dance club peers just don't have the creative chops to do. So, even though I'm not a fan, I do watch from a distance, and approve of how she's shaking up the nowadays sedate and plastic pop music scene.

She has, at the very least, my respect.

Of course, I love Yoko Ono. Her connection with John Lennon is what pulled me in initially, but she eventually won me over completely. Her avant-garde weirdness I understand, and I think it greatly exceeds Lady Gaga's work in terms of authentic emotional intensity. But their mutual admiration, and gigging together, make sense. They're both, after all, big fucking weirdos.

Anyway, here's a bit from their show:

And just for fun, here's some of that "exhibition of bottoms" Yoko mentions in the excerpt above. Uh, this probably isn't safe for work:

Frightened? Don't be. It's just weird shit as art. Nothing to fear. Laugh and point, if you have to, which is as good of a way as any to appreciate it all.