Friday, June 17, 2011

Weiner Gives Up the Ghost

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo makes the ultimate observation on Representative Anthony Weiner's resignation:

I've been following congressional scandals for 15 years. And my God in the grand scheme of things this is pretty silly compared to the levels of wrongdoing, thievery and vicious behavior we've all seen. And that disconnect -- the most insistent and open demands for resignation ever compared to one of the silliest scandals ever -- just doesn't sit right with me. Especially when, last time we checked at least, his constituents did not want him to resign.

More here.

This really bums me.

Say what you want about Weiner's stupidity; he didn't break any laws or Congressional ethics rules--indeed, "sexting" is all the rage in numerous sectors of society. Not a good idea for a politician who is hated by his enemies, or even for a married man, to be sure, but his "crimes" are something I and no other Americans are in any position to judge. But Weiner was judged, just like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, complete with the usual media circus.

I mean, that's what this was, death-by-reality-show. Weiner was "voted" off Big Brother or Survivor, theatrically kicked off The Real World Washington because producers needed something to spice up sagging ratings. Does the corporate media even understand that they've been totally used by scum bag right-wing activists? Probably not. Actually, it probably doesn't even matter. No doubt Weinergate got the networks a nice bump in terms of viewership.

Meanwhile David Vitter, who did break the law, who actually had sex with women who are not his wife, remains a Senator in good standing.

This is all so disgusting. Weiner was hounded out of office by hypocritical conservatives riding herd on a predictable media frenzy that had potential defenders scurrying like the rats they are. And we bomb Libya. And we continue to kill Iraqis and Afghans. And we continue to send American youth to die in faraway nations for reasons unknown. And the rich get richer while everybody else gets poorer. And our infrastructure continues to rot. And the dismantling of our education system continues. And global warming fries the planet. And on and on.

But Anthony Weiner's dick pictures are the most important thing of all. Congress had to do something. The press had to do something. His dick! His dick! His dick! I'm so sad.