Saturday, July 16, 2011

Palin movie debuts to an audience of empty seats

From Salon courtesy of Digg:

The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf found himself one of the only viewers at a late night debut of "The Undefeated" in Orange County, California. Four other people joined him in the audience, including a brother and sister who stumbled upon the viewing when they were unable to get Harry Potter tickets and then left after 20 minutes.

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This is really f'ing funny. Palin has proven herself irresistible to television newsers. She's controversial. She's attractive. Everything the media love to swarm. She's successfully created a brand the entertainment corporations just have to run with. Unfortunately for her, and for the mass media, too, nobody really gives a shit. I mean, if she can't get a full house in fucking Orange County fer chrissakes, she can't get a full house anywhere. And this isn't even about filling a theater: nobody was there. Ha! Nobody!

This is refreshing. Fools may be running the House right now, talking up a storm on the idiot box shows every evening, but when it comes to getting off your ass and taking in a movie about one of your presumed heroes, the nazis just aren't showing up.

Maybe they'll stay home come election time, too.