Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gallup National Poll: Obama In Dead Heat With GOP Challengers

From Talking Points Memo courtesy of Digg:

President Obama's national approval rating has never been lower, and it's starting to drag him down in head-to-head matchups against his potential GOP rivals in the 2012 election. Gallup polled the President against former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, Tex. Gov. Rick Perry, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). Each trial heat produced a statistical tie among registered voters.

By the numbers, Obama is only bested by Romney, 48 percent to 46. He ties Perry at 47 percent, and outpolls Paul 47 - 45 and Bachmann 48 - 44. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus four percent, meaning that in each case, the race is a dead heat.

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A year ago if you'd asked me about this I would have said that voters still remember how fucked up it was the last time we had a psycho Republican in the White House. No way could Obama lose in 2012. I mean, even with Democrats losing the House in 2010, I still thought the President had it wrapped up. After all, the GOP primary field is chock full of nuts. Who's going to beat him?

But joblessness has been stuck between nine and ten percent for what seems like forever, and Obama's done nothing but windmill tilting disguised as deficit negotiating. Screw the people; let's fix this deficit! I hadn't counted on Obama's sabotaging himself so thoroughly that the lunatic fringe doesn't look half bad. Indeed, the lunatic fringe is nothing more than a purified version of the vomit the President's been spewing on America since he took office. Virtually every policy he's proposed was first formulated by a Republican. Almost all his rhetoric is GOP lite. If conservative ideas and legislation are all he has to offer, why not just go for the real thing?

I'd say Obama can save himself with a radical 180 degree turnaround, admitting that he'd been a fool to try to "triangulate," as the strategists say, apologizing again and again for going in the absolute worst direction he could take the country, while at the same time putting on his boxing gloves, jumping into the ring, and bloodying as many conservative noses as he can hit, spending as much federal money as he can get together in order to get some demand going so as to match the massive supply businesses have been sitting on for a several years now.

But it's too late. Obama's fucked himself. He's going to have to pull a massive rabbit out of his ass if he wants another four years. Frankly, I don't think his ass has enough room to hold such an animal. Too much corn cob.