Thursday, September 01, 2011


From Current TV, via Democratic Underground, courtesy of BuzzFlash, Keith Olbermann interviews former Ambassador Joe Wilson, you know, the guy whose wife was outed as a CIA agent in retaliation for his trashing the Bush administration, on former VP Dick Cheney's continual celebration and admission of the fact that he ordered the torture of countless POWs in US captivity:

WILSON: "He (Cheney) has taken something, particularly torture and 'enhanced interrogation,' which has been basically outlawed in the United States since George Washington was a general in the Revolutionary War, and he has taken that, fundamentally unacceptable, not just in the United States, but thanks to American leadership, unacceptable in all but the most roque nations - Qaddafi's Libya comes immediately to mind - and he's made it a subject of political discussion, as if it were just a policy option. It wasn't and it isn't.

And he really should be held to account for what he openly admits were war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Click here to watch the video.

This serves as simply yet another reminder among many that during the Bush years, and maybe even still now under Obama, torture was an official policy of the United States. This is yet another reminder that this was decided at the very top; both President Bush and Vice President Cheney have openly admitted on multiple occasions that they ordered it. Indeed, they've strongly asserted multiple times their righteousness in doing so. The fact that Cheney is still free to write books and hit the talk show circuit to endorse those books serves as yet another reminder that the Obama administration is in deep collusion with these war criminals in its refusal to prosecute them.

This is also yet another reminder that, as a nation practicing torture as official policy, we are in the company some of the most notorious regimes in history, Nazi Germany, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, the Soviet Union, Red China, Iran under the Shah, Iran under the Ayatollahs, Libya under Gaddafi, and on and on. We are just like those evil nations in that it is our official policy to torture captives.

We need such reminders. It is too easy to sit back and forget this horror that has afflicted our nation. We are no longer a nation of good people. Indeed, we are a nation of evil. Only by keeping this evil fresh in our minds will we ever be able to repent our sins.