Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GOP Debate Audiences Becoming a Nightmare for the Party

From AlterNet:

But even that was nothing like what happened during the Tea Party/CNN debate the evening of September 12, when the topic of discussion was who would pay to keep a 30-year-old alive who lacked health insurance and had been in a terrible motorcycle accident. As Congressman Ron Paul was busy equating the death of this hypothetical easy rider with the "freedom" enjoyed by Americans, the crowd began to lustily cheer and yell "yeah" to the question of whether this accident victim should be allowed to die.

Think about that for a second. Weren't these the guys and gals who blew a gasket over the prospect of allowing the severely brain-damaged Terry Schiavo to rest in peace a few years back, and attacked her husband as some sort of ghoul for wanting his wife to die with dignity? Yet, somehow these days, bringing a little more Torquemada to their decision-making regarding who lives and who dies, seems to hae become the new-new-conservatism.


Just for the sake of variety, instead of cheering for death at the most recent GOP debate on Fox, the crowd decide to shake things up--get jiggy with it, if you will--and move on from cheering death to booing those risking their lives in Iraq in our military. In this case it was a gay soldier, which is going to make it really difficult when they have to redo the magnets on the back of their mini-vans to say "Support Our Troops..You Know, If Their Dating Preference Happens To Be Those Of The Opposite Sex."

I think the Republicans have a word for Democrats who would boo our soldiers serving abroad--hmm, I can't seem to recall exactly what it is, but I think it starts with a "t" and rhymes with "season."

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Here's why I think Obama is going to be reelected, and it has absolutely nothing to do with his god-awful record.

In order to get the GOP nomination, every single one of the candidates has to prove somehow some way to the most psychotic rank-and-file of the Republican Party that he or she is one of them. Each candidate has to assert that tax cuts, and tax cuts alone, are the way to economic prosperity. Each candidate has to favor cutting the fuck out of massively popular social programs. Each candidate has to champion ignorance, while denigrating science, by expressing his belief that evolution is not a fact, and that global warming isn't really happening. Each candidate has to gleefully embrace lots of people dying, be they the uninsured, people convicted of capital crimes, or innocent Muslims abroad in our "War on Terror." Each candidate has to show that he's willing to burn government to the ground in order to save it. They've all got to talk like the most dangerous lunatics in the country if they want to get the nomination, and any weakness in this area is immediately pounced upon by other candidates, the press, and Republican voters. And that's what we're seeing right now out on the campaign trail. Ten or so prominent Republicans all in lockstep saying "I'm the biggest crackpot asshole in the field; elect me."

Of course, once a nominee is eventually named, he or she will then have to turn around, face the rest of the country and somehow convince us that all the loony shit he or she was embracing during the primary season wasn't for real. Either way, the eventual GOP nominee is fucked. He's either a liar or totally insane. Or both. The President will actually look good in comparison.

It will be amazing. Obama will be reelected with the worst economic record of any president in history. And it will all be because the Republicans have become utterly bat-shit crazy. Talk about stumbling your way into history.