Sunday, September 04, 2011


Anybody remember this?

Here's the short version: fabulous former student has had a fabulous web presence for years, all through high school, through college, and now in the academic afterlife, with a nifty and irreverent sports and politics oriented site called The Warzone. And he recently invited me to be a part time aspect of his podcast, TW Radio. We hooked up via Skype a couple of weeks ago, talked life, politics, culture, you know, stuff I like to talk about, and my young pal's finally got the first installment up for your listening pleasure.

Actually, Matt's way better at this than I am, which is something because my gift for gab is, by and large, unrivaled. But I could listen to this guy go on for hours. I mean, he makes a trip to the sawbones into edge-of-the-seat stuff. So it's well worth checking out his regular podcasts, the ones without me, just because they're so much fun.

But I figured I'd celebrate my own contribution here at Real Art. So here you go. Audio gets a bit sketchy here and there due to Skype and a finicky wireless router, but you get the gist, anyway, when it's dropping out. Have fun. I know I did. It's about forty five minutes.