Thursday, September 08, 2011

Right-Wing Media Advise Obama To Use Jobs Speech To Resign

From Media Matters for America courtesy of Eschaton:

Rush Limbaugh: "The Only Thing Obama Could Do That Would Be Convincing" During His Jobs Speech "Is To Resign." From Limbaugh's radio show:

LIMBAUGH: I think the only thing that Obama could do -- speaking now to Frank Rich -- Frank, the only Obama could do that would be convincing -- that big speech next week -- is to resign. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 9/2/11]

Newsmax's Root: "Only Two Words Need To Be Uttered By President Obama's Lips: 'I Resign.'" From Wayne Allyn Root's Newsmax column, headlined "Obama's Two-Word Speech That Would Save America":
President Barack Obama has the most important speech of his presidency on Thursday. A speech built around creating jobs and inspiring economic recovery. You want an economic recovery? You want jobs? Two magical words are needed to change the course of history.

Two words change the future for millions of desperate unemployed Americans. Two words transform a depression into a boom. Two words motivate and inspire every business owner in America to create jobs. Two words free the U.S. economy from the current doom, despair, debt, depression, misery, and malaise.

Only two words need to be uttered by President Obama's lips: "I resign."

Imagine an Obama-Free America.

Overnight 2 1/2 years of pain are erased. Trillions of dollars and millions of jobs are brought back into the USA. Millions of business owners breathe a sigh of relief and begin to plan their recovery. Investors begin investing again, unleashing a torrent of buying and business expansion. [Newsmax, 9/7/11]
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So about a week ago I posted an excerpt from a Paul Krugman essay on how the GOP has become anti-science, and therefore insanely unreasonable. My reaction was something along the lines of this: the Republicans are essentially destroying the public discourse, and the only sane reaction is to call them out on it; don't "debate" that which cannot be debated: instead, tell them to go fuck themselves.

This bizarre slew of right-wing pundits asserting that the only way the President can create jobs is to resign is in the same category. That is, it doesn't have anything at all to do with creating jobs. I mean, they're full of shit, of course, but there are definitely stock answers most conservatives can give you for what they believe is the best way to create jobs, you know, cut more taxes, deregulation, small government, yadda yadda. But saying job creation is about Obama stepping down is like answering "piano" when somebody asks you how old you are. It's not just bullshit, either. It is a deliberate attempt to destroy the national conversation on the topic. Confuse and misinform, that's conservative rhetorical strategy these days.

And the Democrats are fools for not saying anything but "God damn you lying assholes. Fuck off and die. When you act like this all you're doing is exposing the fact that you have absolutely no answers at all. You're a bunch of fucking asshole retards who shouldn't even be in the room, let alone have a place at the table. Sick fucks. Go to hell."

I have no idea why the Democrats tolerate this. You'd think they'd call bullshit on this crap if only to preserve their self-respect. But I guess you can't preserve something you don't have in the first place.