Friday, October 28, 2011


From the Huffington Post:

Health Care Industry Donates More To Obama Than GOP Candidates

President Barack Obama has raised more money from the health care industry than Republican candidates, according to an analysis conducted by the Center For Responsive Politics published in National Journal.

Obama has raised $1.6 million from the health sector, more than the $920,000 raised by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the $494,000 raised by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Pharmaceutical companies gave Obama $230,000 versus $161,000 for Romney and $43,000 for Perry.

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Simple point if you don't already get it. Obama the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Anti-Colonialist who destroyed the health care industry by turning it into a government run socialist institution is getting more money from the now-destroyed and therefore non-existent health care industry than the American Born Free Marketeering Business and Freedom Protecting Republicans are getting. How can this possibly be?

Because the only true part of that statement I wrote above is that the President is getting more money from the health care sector than the Republicans are. That's because Obama is, in fact, big business' guy. What's more, he's also much more effective as a friend to the corporations than the Republicans are. Indeed, the much criticized from the right Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. "Obamacare," isn't much more than a goody bag for Big Pharma and the HMOs, one that has a few new regulations, but that also forces all Americans to buy their products, whether they want to or not.

Of course, he's being rewarded with large campaign donations. That's how this shit works. In the twenty first century, ideology, political beliefs, rhetoric, none of that shit matters. All that matters is power and money. And our President has both. 'Cause he's the corporate guy.