Wednesday, April 04, 2012


From the Huffington Post:

Planned Parenthood Bombed In Wisconsin

A small bomb exploded outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wis., on Sunday night, and police are investigating to learn who planted the device.

According to WGBA-TV, police fire crews found the homemade explosive outside a window sill that they believe had set off a small fire, which burned out before fire crews arrived. The building sustained a small amount of damage.


According to the most recent statistics from the National Abortion Federation, there were 114 violent attacks against abortion providers in 2011, including three physical assaults, one bombing, one incident of arson, 27 counts of vandalism and eight burglaries.

More here.

Holy fuck! One hundred fourteen instances of violence against abortion providers last year. That blows me away. These obviously aren't isolated incidents. I mean, they may very well be "lone wolves" or whatever they're supposed to be when they're acting by themselves, but when you have over a hundred attacks in a single year, it adds up to a movement as active as Al Qaeda has been over the last decade. If these Christian terrorists had brown skin and were Muslim, they'd already be enduring waterboarding in Guantanamo. Not that I want that to happen because, you know, torture is immoral, but the point is that this is some serious shit that is, to our shame, not treated with the urgency it deserves. Primarily because these terrorists are white Americans with some big time sympathizers providing cover from their elected offices--it is ironic, indeed, that these very same people are some of the staunchest supporters of the "War on Terror."

The hypocrisy disgusts me, but the similarities between Islamic terrorists and Christian terrorists, and their respective supporters, makes me sigh.